Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Gun

Tila likes to act tough. She hangs out with cholas, talks about chunks of her baby, and now she is posing with a gun.

Nice cigarettes. I'm sure the baby loves that.

I know I've seen that ring somewhere. Maybe that gun too? That's right. There are items just like those on Tila's Amazon Wishlist!

Let's take a look at the rings on her Wishlist.

Fake rings? Fake ENGAGEMENT rings? More than one FAKE ENGAGEMENT ring? Why does Tila need these?

Nice Sex and the City replica ring.

The ring Tila posted is obviously not a real. Anyone who has ever seen an actual diamond can see that.

What about the gun. Tila is holding what looks to be a SIG Sauer P229. Nice gun, not too costly, easy to use.

Wait ... What is on Tila's Amazon Wishlist? Airsoft guns?

Airsoft guns that are meant to look like actual guns, but only shoot plastic pellets?

Tila has posted a picture of her holding the same gun before. She has since deleted it, but this low quality version is still available.

Something just doesn't look right about Tila's gun. The grip doesn't look right. She says the ring is real, but it obviously isn't and her Wishlist is full of fake rings. She says the gun is real and has two of those on her Wishlist too. Could it be? Are there even P229 replica airsoft guns out there?

It looks like there is.

Tila either doesn't know or doesn't care that she is breaking federal law by removing the orange blaze from the muzzle.

Section 5001 (15 U.S.C. 5001) mandates that any toy, look- alike, or imitation firearms shall have a permanently affixed blaze orange plug inserted in the barrel of such an imported article and recessed no more than six (6) millimeters from the muzzle end of the barrel. See 15 C.F.R. Part 1150.

If your guns are real, the laws in Texas do not matter in California. California Penal Code Sections 12025-12031 state that weapons permits from other states are not valid in California. Also, any person who has a conviction for any misdemeanor listed in Penal Code section 12021(c)(1) or for any felony, or is addicted to the use of any narcotic drug, or has been held involuntarily as a danger to self or others pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 8103 is prohibited from buying, owning, or possessing firearms. Various other prohibitions exist for mental conditions, domestic restraining/protective orders, conditions of probation, and offenses committed as a juvenile.

You still want to say that gun is real, Tila?

Tila also posted this picture of a different gun on Halloween.

Anyone that has ever seen a real gun can take a look where the magazine should go and see what is wrong with this one.

There is nothing wrong with owning a fake gun or air pistol. Paintball is a fun game that everyone should try to experience at least once. Don't try to act tough by showing off a picture of your airsoft gun and claiming it is real though. Especially if you have more airsoft guns in your Amazon Wishlist.


Unknown said...

Funny that she says the gun was given to her by her baby daddy the war hero.

RNB007 said...

I have never in my life seen someone who lied so much! She can not even keep them straight! If you are going to be a liar at least be a good one, lol. But she is good at nothing but being a user. Great detective work! I will tweet your blog address and put it on my Facebook & Myspace!

thepope said...

Man I feel sorry for her.

She's obviously in another world, deluded and caught up in lies and fame and all that crap.

She's scared of something you can tell. What with the fake gun and trying so damn hard to prove a point.

Jeus I can't even.

fck you, thats who said...

This website is so awesome!! I love it!! Just a note to the owner of tilatruth : Everyone is right! That CIA stuff is hilarious! I`m reading through her posts right now, and at some point she tweeted that she got a very sentimental item from the CIA agent- apparently he gave her an item that was passed down to him from JFK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahahah!!! *dies laughing* bitch is crazy!


I posted this on her website, I would Tweet this to her, but bitch blocked me. I think this has to be said:

Tila, I know you don't know the meaning of the word class, but would you respect Casey enough to leave her family alone already? We ALL say shit about our families, cause none of us expects to die the next week! Stop exploiting the woman, YOU let her rest in peace, and stop making it about YOU. Your pity parties followed by your manic tweeting. Have you really not an ounce of shame?? Just stop it!!! Family is Family. Casey didn't appoint you her "avenger", Stop the attention seeking on her behalf, and let the woman who you claim to love REST IN PEACE!

Stick said...

The pic she put up of her and Casey half nude is very disrespectful in the light of the people who are mourning her death right now. How could Tila do that to someone she supposedly loved? Very rude, disrespectful and low life. Give Casey her dignity Tila.

ArtistJess said...

have you seen this?

just another lie revealed!

ArtistJess said...

oh, and also this!


SweetestWay2Die said...

All i have to say is for a midget with a supposed "multi million dollar" bank account.. this girl sure does have CHEAP taste in jewelry!

Miss Reina said...

This girl is the epitomy of a sociapath! What frightens me more is that people buy into her shit and defend her to no end. TilaTruth THANK YOU for taking the time to do this site & provide solid proof of her MANY lies. She absolutely should not be taken seriously at all . . Oh and pls address this Megan Fox bit . . I'm dyin @ this chick callin Megan a c-sucker. LMAO. Tila's tweets should be for entertainment purposes only.

i hate haters said...

Your blogs are all 'opinions', it is not the 'truth.

this is the truth,

and how the hell do you know it's her 'real amazon'?

I can make one right now and put the same picture same wishlist, and same info.


matt said...

LOL, here comes the "Army" to bash all the "haters". To them, "haters" are everyone who is intelligent and rational enough to see through all the BS by Tila. I think the "Army" calls them "haters" because they hate the fact that they have the skills neccessary to not fall for all the lies Tila makes up.

So "i hate haters", you think the gun is real then? You also think the ring is really 17 karats? Or is it 7 now? HAHA.

Keep up the good work Truth, whoever you are. Do a post about the headline news interview soon. There are so many lies in that story and I think Tila might have been high.

The Tila Truth said...

Haters, tasers are easy to get. Very easy. Especially that cheap version Tila has. It costs about as much as the airsoft pistol she bought from Amazon. It's pretty sad that her "Secret Service Agent" would be carrying such a model when it is one of the bottom of the line models.

And how to I know her Amazon is real? Do a check up on the e-mail addresses.

My opinion is that Tila is a moronic little prostitute. Everything else here is back up by factual evidence that can be checked and rechecked. If you can disprove it, I'll take it down.

Angii said...

This site is the best. I'm glad people have the smarts to realize how stupid Tila is. I will be sure to promote your blog!

Unknown said...

hi, can someone verify something? After Tila's 'interview' a few days ago, she admitted on Twitter she was pregnant. But I haven't heard anything about it since. What's going on?

Laust said...

Fake gun?! I hope you saw that now she has armed bodyguards now because she claims that she's being stalked! She flat out made the bodyguards out to be something they weren't, claiming that they were the same guards used to protect the president and that they have an armored car! Then Radar called her out and found out that the men were private guards that any joe shmoe could hire. She is seriously bipolar and probably schizo. She doesn't have celebrity status to even have body guards.

Unknown said...

I used to like her because i thought she was hot and kinda cool but when i like someone, i want to know more about the person i claim to LIKE and the more i know about Tila, the more i dislike her. LIES, IGNORANCE, DISRESPECT seems to be her best friends. This girl is confused, and obviously needs a serious help.