Thursday, January 14, 2010


If you thought Tila Tequila making Casey's death all about herself was bad, this one will disgust you beyond belief.

That's right. A 7.0 earthquake in Haiti kills a possible half million people, but Tila's fake tears are more important right now.

By the way, how much has Tila donated to the Juvenile Diabetes fund that Casey supported? Has Joe Francis not given her an allowance for the week yet?

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Stick said...

She first said, "What earthquake?"

Didn't even know what happened until someone told her. I guess when you have your head up your own butt, you don't see nuthin else.


Spooki said...

i'm not surprised she didn't know... she seems really manic right now, probably too much to focus.

girl is legit koo-koo crazy and needs to banned from life until she gets better.

Laust said...

Tila sucks all the way around and is just fake as hell. She is bipolar and right now is probably going through one of her manic episodes. I'm not kidding. She obviously doesn't have real life friends and thinks that people on the good old internetz are her friends. She should be seeking a therapist asap!

Laust said...

Somebody should do a video spoof of her "grieving!"

Tila_lies said...

whoa last nights twits were a manic psycho meltdown!!

check out my Tila lulz
when you get a chance.

Chelny said...

I love this blog. What can I say more?

Unknown said...

Tila is Koo-Koo for Coco Puffs!