Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We all know Tila Tequila is an attention seeking famewhore unable to function without someone knowing what she is doing at all times, with whom she is sleeping, or what soon-to-be failed action she is taking to try to remain relevant. While she may be in constant need of attention, she is human. Any human would need to take time away from their normal activities to grieve the loss of a loved one. It started last night when Tila posted to her Twitter that her profile would now be defunct. In typical Tila fashion, that lasted less than two hours. She was back to doing what she does best, making it about her. This isn't about making an island about her, making her brother and sister-in-law's attempt to conceive a child about her, or even Rihanna's abuse about her. She has truly reached a new low that none of us could have seen coming a week ago ... Tila Tequila is now making the death of her "fiancée" all about her. It started hours after Casey Johnson's death with a few posts here and there, but reached an all time level of vileness earlier this morning.

It started with Tila asking to be left alone and posting a link to an interview she gave to In Touch. Someone who wants to be left alone would really post an interview where they are trying to start a cat fight with an ex-girlfriend? Someone who wants to be left alone would stop Twittering too, right?

Perez Hilton made a few comments about how horrible Tila was for exploiting the death of Casey. What what any grieving "fiancée" do in this case? Promote their nonexistent gossip blog, of course!

Gossip blogs? Paparazzis on lock? This is what someone does when they just lost the person to whom they claim they were engaged?

If at first you don't succeed, promote, promote again!

"LOL"? Did Tila Tequila really just use "LOL" after promoting her gossip blog within 48 hours of her "girlfriend's" body being discovered?

Now Tila is going to say she is meeting with members of Casey's family? The same family who were working to get her into rehab when Tila showed up and talked Casey out of it? The same family who were trying to help their daughter while Tila was enabling Casey? The same family who were taking care of Casey's daughter because Tila thought she needed more attention from Casey than Casey's three year old daughter?

Casey's father, as reported by the NY Daily News, "took a dim view of Casey's announcing her engagement" to Tila. A friend and colleague of the Johnson family called Tila "media hungry and a negative influence." These are the people Tila claims are coming over the comfort her?

Tila is going to milk this for all it is worth. Casey is no longer with us and cannot stand up for herself. Tila has her death to compete with and will continue to make this about herself until something else comes along to get her name plastered in the gossip blogs.

If it wasn't obvious before, it should be now ... Casey Johnson was nothing more to Tila Tequila than another shot at publicity. Tila spent one month with Casey and will be busy for longer than that, exploiting anything that may or may not have happened in that short period of time. People who have known Casey for years, on the other hand, are grieving. They are not promoting gossip blogs, having childish fights on Twitter, or making this about themselves.

While Casey's family and friends mourn her death, chances are that Tila Tequila will take to Twitter and do whatever she can do to get the foucs back on herself. Whether it be promoting her gossip blog, arguing with actual bloggers, or going back to her old lies (like the one about being pregnant for a rapper), Tila is going to make another person's death all about Tila.

Now is time for people to stop with the "poor Tila" nonsense and see her for what she really is: an attention seeking opportunist, willing to exploit the death of a so-called loved one for her own personal gain. Now is the time to quit coddling her and tell her to stop making this all about herself.


Unknown said...

Please continue the wonderful work you've done on this blog. Thank you for writing this. I just wish more Twitter users could know about this blog to expose all of her lies. So many people believe Tila, and it's sad that they can't see through all of her lies!! Please fight to get your blog out there. So many people need to open their eyes = tilaarmy

Farrah said...

Tila reminds me of a girl I work with. Typical fake breasted, phony, self-absorbed, no true friends, man-needing cow. The very sight of her makes me vomit.
....and she too is a liar!!! Imagine that. *rolling the eyes*

Unknown said...

Ahhh haaa - I love your blog :)

Tiffany said...

I just wanter to point another thing out, and I'm hoping you use it here. In the "farewell" video to Casey that Tila did. The one where she is dancing with a knive, and playing the piano. Between 36-38 minutes she walks away from the camera as if she is doing so to cry. BUT you can see her reflection in the window beind the piano, she is wetting her face. Then she comes back with a wet face, lol. She is pathetic!

Unknown said...

the above poster speaks the truth - the video is the farewell video on her ustream... skip to like 36:50.. please post an article about this..