Monday, January 25, 2010

Pregnant Again

Tila has announced that she is officially pregnant, 100% confirmed. We aren't sure who confirmed this. If it was confirmed by her pregnancy test, the baby is due any day now. If this pregnancy is 100% confirmed, the surrogacy for her brother and last year's pregnancy for a famous rapper must have only been 40%.

As you can see, Tila says she is pregnant for someone in the industry. Tila must think we all have very short memories. Remember when Tila announced her pregnancy on Twitter less than two weeks ago?

Tila admitted to what we already knew, she was not a surrogate mother for her brother's child. She did continue on with the lie that she was pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

Here Tila says that she is no longer carrying her brother's child, but the child of a war hero conceived through in vitro fertilization.

That's correct. Earlier today Tila told us the pregnancy was for someone in the industry while a little over a week ago she was saying it was for a war hero.

Let's not forget how long the process for in vitro fertilization takes. It takes much longer than a month for a woman to become pregnant after starting the in vitro process. Tila only met Casey Johnson in December. How could Tila have gone through the entire in vitro fertilization process in a month?

Tila is also saying that she has never been pregnant before.

It wasn't very long ago when Tila was telling us about her first pregnancy though.

So what is it Tila? Were you pregnant before or not? Are you pregnant for your brother, a war hero, or someone in the industry? Why can you no longer keep your lies straight?

Tila just posted about having an ultrasound and seeing the heartbeat.

The heartbeat is visible on an ultrasound at around six weeks gestation. The visit Tila is talking about taking to the doctor was on January 8, 2010. To have seen the heartbeat, the baby would have been conceived around the last week of November in 2009. If the baby was conceived through in vitro fertilization, the process would have started many months before that.

Are you willing to answer to this Tila?

Speaking of Tila's lies... Tila made a post about going to Millions of Milkshakes to create her own milkshake.

After much protesting on Twitter and many people contacting Millions of Milkshakes, sending links to what Tila had said about people who representing their company in the past, Tila's appearance was canceled.

Tila is claiming to be the one who canceled due to Millions of Milkshake's lack of security.

She also says she will be going back at a later date to make milkshakes with breastmilk.

I'm sure that is the exact image for which Millions of Milkshakes wants to be known.

Whatever that means...


Unknown said...

I find it interesting that Millions of Milkshakes can accommodate all of Miley Cyrus', Lindsay Lohan's, and the Kardashian's fans... but somehow, they can't accommodate all of Tila's? It's especially interesting considering they ALL have MUCH bigger fanbases than Tila Tequila.

Risha said...

crazy! she needs major help!

Nikki said...


I'm pretty sure her dr would have explained that to her, and I'm pretty sure this is just her pathetic way of seeming credible. She fails at that.

Nikki said...

Is anyone taking bets on when Tila will announce her miscarriage? If not, someone should. I am going to say...2 weeks.

Mandy said...

I appreciate your blog. You have made much progress. Tila is truly sick & it makes me sick. I can no longer be bothered by her for her stupid sites make me sick. Shes got a very weird vibe about her. Shes got nasty secrets! So glad other people totally see this and want to bring her down coz she is just un human at this point. Never in my life...

Fatty McFatterson said...

During last week's interview she stated emphatically that she has NO FRIENDS. Even when her claim was repeated by the reporter, she confirmed she has no friends. In April 2009 she claimed Meghan McCain was a good friend of hers, and further has stated this on her Twitter in the last few weeks. She also made reference a couple times in the last couple of weeks to Joe Francis being a good friend, and now this baby daddy is a good friend. Hmmmm. No friends?

I guarantee within the next month she will 'lose the baby'. She will solicit sympathy from her army of morons and halfwits and keep the limelight on herself for another month until she thinks of the next major drama in her life.

Very very sick woman. Compulsive liar and I feel sorry for the followers who actually believe her.

entamenyusu said...

"stupid: 01/26/2010 2:01 AM
You're pregnant? You are such a complete liar.
1. That pregnancy test on your twitter is from May of LAST YEAR as it says in the picture details.

2. If you were pregnant you would know what the first trimester is. REAL EXPECTING mothers, read book and learn all the facts they can to have a successful pregnancy.

3. Your millions of milkshakes appearance was canceled by them after thousands of people petitioned and complained, stop tryin to act like thousands love you. They don't."

From a comment on her blog. So truthful.

Sandy said...

So the other day, she called Kelly O fat and that she has cankles. If Tila is indeed pregnant, then she'd better get ready to be fat and have cankles herself.

charlottesmom said...

Withlove, you're delusional. This blog represents someone spending their whole life bashing TT? I personally can type about 100wpm, so if I were the author of this blog, typing it, plus the easy target with her painfully obvious lies, would occupy about 20 minutes per week of my life.

Unknown said...

Someone needs to send this blog to media outlets!!!!