Sunday, March 14, 2010


For someone who claims to have been bruised up in a domestic violence situation and tries to speak out against men who abuse other women, it would be shocking to see Tila throw her support behind a man who was convicted of domestic abuse. That is exactly what she did though.

After making a joke out of pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, and infertility, it is very hard to understand how Tila could have any female fans left. If they do exist, hopefully seeing her praising someone who nearly killed his girlfriend will make them think twice.


Unknown said...

This is exactly why I find it impossible to find sympathy for this woman and chalk it up to "she just needs professional help." I think she's just a narcissistic attention whore who will do anything she can to get the attention she craves. Do whatever she has to in order to keep her name in the media.

I can't pity her. She doesn't seem like someone who is in dire need of help to me, she seems like someone who knows exactly what she is doing in garnering attention whether it be positive or negative in whatever she does.

The Tila Truth said...

I agree Jenn. There are times like last night when I think she is so far gone that she needs immediate professional help, then she goes and says something like this and it is almost a slap in the face to me for ever even wanting her to get help.

Unknown said...

For a second, with the comment about taking "happy pills" i ALMOST felt a little pity but I think that might have been a statement made to also garner attention and/or pity, i mean, after all, she did say this to a reporter of all people.

This woman is vile.

Unknown said...

Tila never fails to talk about herself or that damned blog huh?

Though I don't agree with the negative media attention that Chris Brown got after the Rihanna beating (both played a part; Rihanna's side may not have been so clear, but it has been stated that that wasn't the first altercation the then-couple had), where does Tila get off telling him "Imma blow you the fuck up!"

Umm...wasn't he famous before without her help??

Keep doing what you're doing on this blog; exposing that wretched woman for who she is. I honestly used to be a fan of hers...but she has truly gone downhill and her lies never cease. It's scary to think that someone like this has so many young people following her every move and building shrines in their homes over this sick, sick, person. It may be a cry for attention...but it's those cries that seriously want you to get this woman help.

Randi said...

Maybe she means she's literally going to blow him up?
Nah. That would involve her being able to sympathize with other women.

Unknown said...

have you seen this from tila's blog yet? "the truth about my pregnancy"

Chelsea Nicole. said...

...a lobotomy will work just fine.

and she's like a sick dog, she needs to be put down, out of her misery.

UB said...

I think the honest truth on this one is that people should mind their own business as far as that Chris Brown/Rhianna thing went. But if you're gonna pick a side, be consistent. I'm a female that grew up with an abusive father, and a guy will never get away with putting his hands on me, but I also feel that if you're bad enough to swing on a guy, then you better be bad enough to put your dukes up.

Not saying Rhianna was responsible, but saying everyone including crazy Tila needs to mind their own business. Personally, I like Chris Brown's new CD, does that mean I support abuse? If I get his CD, does that mean the terrorists win? *lol*

However, I feel that CB should tell Tila to kiss his ass, especially after the nasty things she's said about him in the past. What a fame hungry whore.

Tabloid Whore! said...

Ugh. Tila...Once a disgusting pig, always a disgusting pig. She WOULD support Chris Brown.

You my dear, keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

It seems that whenever one huge attention-getter in Tila's life [ie: pregnancy, Casey's death] starts to fade, she brings up another. And often, cycles them and repeats. For example, whenever her pregnancy lies hit a lull, she brings up adoption and vice versa. She's quite sick in the head. I'd love to know what adoption agency, be it in the US or Russia, would EVER, EVER give this mental case a baby.

Unknown said...

i hate tila. i think she's crazy. and i dont know why anyone would would be a fan. byw, i like chris brown's music. don't condone what he did, but he is young, no excuse, but I'm just saying how long does he need to pay for his mistakes when we all make them?