Thursday, March 18, 2010

War Hero

Remember when Tila said her baby's father was an American war hero? Then it became a foreigner who was famous, but didn't want to be famous? Then she tried to ruin the relationship between rapper, The Game, and his family. She said the baby was for him and even went as far as saying he was using her to get press, even though he had no idea what was going on until TMZ contacted him.

Tonight Tila took to Twitter to hype up her garage sale (where we hear she will be selling free items she received in pre-Oscar gift baskets).

Tila was asked the following questions and guess who made his way back into the discussion?

Good questions. No way Tila would answer that, as she declared the father was no longer the war hero he once was.

What was that? Things are no longer going to work out, because as Tila had previously stated, he was someone that wanted to be famous? Or he was just a sperm donor she received through the in vitro process? Or The Game?

Wasn't Tila's plant to move away from L.A. anyway? Why would that cause the relationship to dissolve? Didn't Tila want to escape the limelight and move back to Texas?

Really, Tila? Really?


Unknown said...

Oh, awesome - I made it onto Tila Truth - love you guys. Anyhow, how do you know if someone has blocked you on Twitter? Or is she just not responding to me because she's ignoring me?

The Tila Truth said...

If you are able to follow them, then you aren't blocked. If you try to follow and you are blocked, a little block will drop down from the top telling you that user has blocked you.

Randi said...

Tonight is an interesting night, as it has been the first time Tila has actually said the word "miscarriage". Screencap it bitches.

The Keeper said...

At first I was shocked by her lying, now I'm shocked when she doesn't...

Her "genius marketing" tactics are getting old. It's time she left the house and actually DID something for the paps, rather then just spewing crap.

If the garage sale ever happens it's bound to be hysterical fodder for this blog :)

Anonymous said...

OMG - I totally called the whole 'name the baby daddy' thing starting up too today.

Here's my post about it. .

And just for grins and giggles - how does one go from the war hero to being 'was' the daddy?

Seriously - she's an idiot!

Unknown said...

Once a war hero, always a war hero.

Once a liar......