Friday, March 26, 2010

Tila For Sale

Tila had another seemingly drug induced question and answer session via Twitter early this morning. We learned that she will be selling "limited edition" autographed posters of herself in the near future, but that she also has a PhD in biology.

You learn something new everyday.

As mentioned, Tila said she is going to be selling posters and 8x10 pictures of herself. She promised fans that she would be giving out free autographs of herself at her garbage sale, but that quickly turned into her charging $10. Her calling the new items "limited edition" has us thinking they are the leftovers from her massive success of a sale.

Tila recently said she had a website dedicated to selling her autographs to her fans...

A quick search of that domain name shows that the website has been suspended.

Tila has since moved on and is now promoting a new site where she will sell her wares. Earlier today she made a post to her blog and along with it, a censored picture of one of the posters she will be selling.

We clearly remember that the photoshoot of the above image happened around February 14th of this year. (For those questioning if it was the same shoot, please look at the top right of the table, next to the costume jewelry. You will see the purple streetwalker accessories she has attached to her head in the poster picture.) At that point, Tila was supposed to be 15 weeks pregnant. This was a few days after she posted the picture of herself sticking out her gut and saying she had a baby bump. Oddly enough, the bump doesn't seem to exist in the picture from the photoshoot. If a baby bump was Photoshopped out of the picture, why not Photoshop her eyes to get rid of the glazed over and glassy look?

Tila is still raving about her celebrity gossip blog that is going to be launching on April 1st. How appropriate that she launches it on April Fool's Day. You can do your part by not visiting. There will probably many funny and legit gossip blogs that will later report on how big of a failure Tila's blog is, and they deserve the traffic much more than a girl who used the death of a "wifey" to publicize herself.

And now one final thing. There is a young girl on Twitter who is trying to collect donations for the March of Dimes walk she will be doing. She has contacted celebrities and former z-list celebrities, like Tila. This girl was very happy when Tila replied and said she would donate and send out a link to the girl's donation page.

Since we're dealing with Tila here, you can guess how that turned out.

Tila always talks about how her money, fame, and two story mansion makes her better than everyone. She talks about her material items making her better than her fans and those of us who are confused by the fact she even has fans, and how jealous everyone is that she has things. She is constantly mouthing off about how she uses her money to help people and charities. Well, nothing donated, no link posted. Because I don't like seeing Tila shaft people, especially when it comes to a charity, I will take it upon myself to post a link to this girl's charity page on the March of Dimes website here. Good luck to her on reaching her goal.


Anonymous said...

When will she learn? Tila please stop talking out of your arse! You are a majour failure at life.

Unknown said...

Frequently lurker, first time poster. I'm inspired to post because that was really cool of you to put up her link. You rock.

Steph said...

Thank you SO much for this!<3 Such a shame... I really thought she decided to make a change... Asshole. :\

Michele61 said...

"Tila always talks about how her money, fame, and two story mansion makes her better than everyone."

What Tila and unfortunately many people fail to realize is that it's the love of family and friends that make one RICH. Tila has neither.

boytoy said...

on april 1st when tila gossip blog opens dont click on the link no matter if the blog or link talks about her being preggers or if the link seems really interseting dont click on it.

How about this blog doesnt talk about tila for a week just to see what happens. I'll do the same over a tilasrotspot. Take a break

Lightfromwithin said...

@steph when did you realize she wasn't going to follow through? when she didn't say anything about it further?

Noname said...

That so sucks that, as usual, Tila doesn't follow through with her promises. What a lowlife biatch. So Sorry Steph that you trusted someone who in turn let you down.

Usually those that boast about having so many "Things" and say they "DO" so much for others are full of shit. Obviously Tila is full of shit and is sinking lower and lower every day. She doesn't have a single thing in her life that matters such as a loving family, true friends, love and respect and an honest heart.

At least you know that this blog owner follows through. That was awesome that you posted the link, Tila Truth. You Rock!

Violet Morellet said...

I also commend you for supporting Steph's March of Dimes walk by posting the link, it's a real shame that Tila promised a FAN that she would donate, and wouldn't come through on it. Tila's doing a lot of talking about being soooo rich...I mean just a few days ago she said something about how celebrities have more money than they know what to do with (and I can name like 20 that are celebrities that either lost it all or never had any money to begin with) but I remember her posting about her needing to keep her garbage sale money instead of giving it to charity, because she's a "mom" and needs the money for her baby...since she'll be shopping at Wal-Mart to save cash. And of course, she posts about her luxurious "mansion" always, but she has said it's a two story, two bedroom house. That's not a mansion. She just moved, so she says, but she told Radar that she was moving back to Texas still. She Tweeted about packing for New York, and then later said that that trip is weeks away. It's astounding that fans would believe anything that she says, but even more insane that she would let down the few people that still believe in her.

And why would anyone buy a poster of topless Tila when you can find her tits online for free. Just sayin.

justynewong said...

tila also said that lady gaga is her child's father. -.- go to her twitter

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: LADY GAGA IS MY BABY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TRUTH HAS FINALLY COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!! about 19 hours ago via web

deluwiel said...

"You say a different person made you pregnant every day"... "U act like that's not scientifically possible?" Sure. For a dog. I think she's finally confirmed what we've known all along. The bitch is having a litter. LOL