Thursday, March 11, 2010

Question & Answer

Someone on Twitter asked Tila a question we've all been wondering. According to what Tila has spewed thus far, she was over four months pregnant while in Australia and now, as she claims, with twins. She posted pictures and videos before leaving, showing herself with her gut sticking out and calling it a baby bump. We all wondered where the bump disappeared to while she was on "tour" in Australia.

Tila answered:

Is it a moment of clarity for Tila? Does she realize that she can't keep this charade going for much longer? Or is she simply hoping that someone else can come up with a better answer than she can, like the claim she was sucking in her uterus?

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ivy League said...

I don't feel bad for whatever is happening and whatever will happen to that train wreck. She is asking for it. Can't keep up with her own lies and it's all falling apart.(Not sure how it came together in the first place and why some people still believe her BS).

Awesome blog.