Thursday, March 11, 2010

Her Name

Remember this post by Tila, saying that her name was not Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen?

Well, remember when Tila also liked to play a game on Twitter where she asked people random questions about her life? Here she is playing it on October 17, 2009, only two months after saying her name was NOT Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, because a racist Perez Hilton had made that up himself.

Special is a good way to put it.

Do you also remember the time Tila said her name "Tila Tequila" was ironic due to the time she tried to drink tequila when she was 13 and because of her allergy, she became sick? She used that claim when she said she was not drinking when Shawne Merriman tried to restrain her to prevent her from leaving his house too drunk?

I am allergic to alcohol. It has been publicly known for years. That is how I got the name Tila "Tequila" cuz the irony. I cant drink.

Apparently Tila was starring in television shows before being given that name.

Let us all be thankful that we haven't turned finding Tila's contradictions and lies into a drinking game because no one reading anything Tila writes would be without an ironic alcohol influenced last name at this point.


tizerri said...

I came across this story, some time back.

There is this statement from the POLICE that responded to the incident in San Diego "Deputies said when they arrived at Merriman's house that Nguyen acknowledged she had been drinking and appeared intoxicated, Caldwell said."

Lie much Tila? We all know the answer to that.

I keep thinking that she is doing all this crazy stuff for attention, the lying anyway (not the ustreams, those are obviously drug induced). But she really isn't getting THAT much attention, even if she thinks she is. She has 500k people on Facebook and about 200 comments to a post and most of those are from people going back and forth.

Most people are just watching the trainwreck in action.

Love the blog!

Annac said...

WOWW! what a fucking stupid bitch! on related note, I love this blog! thanks for your diligent search for the truth, even though it's Tila Truth but it's still the truth nonetheless! Keep it up.

abi said...

Lol there's a Stickam video where she's answering questions and someone asked her about her name and she said that if she takes a pill before drinking nothing happens to her.. except she gets "a little too crazy"

check it out at about 3:20

TilaTequrazy said...

LOL I love how she contradicted herself... "I got the name Tila because my dad used to call me Ti-Lun which means 'shorty' in Vietnamese." Sooo, what, her parents decided to add the name "Tila" onto to her birth certificate once the nickname caught on? Haha, good stuff. Thanks for the awesome posts.