Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Rumor has it that Tila will be appearing on 106 and Park and The Wendy Williams Show. 106 and Park is on the BET network. For those living under a rock, the "B" in BET stands for black.

BET and Wendy Williams must not have caught Tila's racist Twitter rants where she claimed that her tax dollars pays for the food black people eat, said they were lazy and didn't work hard like her family did, and much more (mentioned both here and here).

If you are as repulsed as others are that Tila would get a soapbox on which to speak, please contact the shows and networks.

The Wendy Williams show can be contacted at WendyShow on Twitter or can be e-mailed at comments@wendyshow.net.

106 and Park can be reached on Twitter at 106andPark or on the 106 and Park forums.

BET is on Twitter at BET and can be contacted a variety of ways through the BET website or by phone at 202-608-2000.

Along with her racist rants, let them know about Tila's fake charity, hatred for other charitable celebrities, attempts to destroy the careers of rappers, and her recent insinuations that she had an inappropriate relationship with P. Diddy's underage son (hinted at even more by her own friend at the end of this post). Give them any information you know about her and how it would be damaging for them to let her appear on their television programs.

While I would love to see Tila forced to squirm and answer questions on Wendy's show, we've all seen how she dodges questions and comes up with more lies on the spot. We've also seen that she even enjoys the bad press, such as the recent LA Times article. It would be better for her to be booted from the show completely instead of given the chance to spew more lies and hate.


Jennifer said...

I noticed how she always brings everything back to her philanthropic ways. In her tweets to Charlamange she goes on and implies how he (and every other black person) is a no one unless he is in the 'underground hip hop industry' or a philanthropist. Well news to her - her charity is FAKE, and Shawne Merriman's is real! He's been promoting his Lights On Foundation, and that one is definitely registered and has actually been doing stuff.

Another thing is she goes on about how people should be a role model for others. I don't think yelling suicide, claiming babies, and acting like an immature brat not getting attention is a good 'role model' for young girls.

Unknown said...

I agree. It would be better if she never got a chance to go on the shows in the first place as she does enjoy even bad press. She doesn't care how she is portrayed as long as she is getting attention and of course, getting paid to be on these shows. I to hit her where it hurts, we have to keep her from getting more media attention and profiting off of her disgusting lies.

Ashley said...

Please everybody contact the shows to get her off! I watch Wendy every single day, and I've heard her diss Tila several times, but if she did come on Wendy would be completely fake and Tila would get away with all her nonsense!

One thing I really hate and wanted to ask if anybody noticed; is she always credits herself for other peoples fame, rides other peoples coat tails, OR (the big one) ACTS LIKE EVERYTHING SHE DOES & SAYS IS "HIGHLY PUBLICIZED" --- WHICH IT'S NOT.

Other than people disgusted by it, the press doesn't give a rats ass what Tila does. No one cares about her, ESEPCIALLY CELEBRITIES AND TV PERSONALITIES. She acts like she's always being stalked, and everyone wants to know what she's doing, BUT THEY DON'T. The only papparazzi that follow her are the ones she HIRES or CALLS!

Unknown said...

LOL Ashley you're right. She does think and act like the media is interested in her every move, when it's clear they're not but that's true for a lot of celebrities. I believe she's narcissistic.

If she would open her eyes and get a reality check, she would see, she's not even considered a "celebrity" she's more of a joke than anything else.

With that said, though. Her getting invited to be on talk shows and still getting asked to be in magazines, no matter how insignificant they may be, doesn't help the situation, it only fuels her belief that she's some huge famous celebrity. If people would simply ignore her and stop giving her attention and a platform for her to speak on, it'd be much better.

the-beadin-beagle said...

TilaTruth...thanks for providing the websites. I e-mailed both! Unless either show has the balls to nail her ass to the wall and have her defend all her lies, it's a waste of time and only drawing more attention to her!

Unknown said...

We classy black people don't want to see her on TV at all!

Ashley said...

LOL I like Perez idea of completely leaving her out of his site, so she gets no press from him. And no matter what she says Perez has the biggest celebrity gossip blog out there (ok, other than TMZ maybe.)

His blog puts whatever hers will be to shame (from the likes of the sneak peaks.) She copied him down to a T -- nicknames, using "Paint Shop" on the pics, come on sound/look familiar.

I read all the celebrity gossip mags weekly, and honestly the only time I've EVER seen her in one was in early January discussing (or should I say exploiting) Casey's death. I have not heard one thing about her in any magazine since then. And when people do talk about her on TV it's usually not all rainbows and sunshine --- it's shittalking and laughing at how pathetic and desperate she is for fame.

NEWSFLASH; NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT TILA TEQUILA...other than to talk shit and be entertained by her downfall.